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A CEO to step in and collaborate on time-sensitive or high-level projects? Someone who can lend discerning and timely on-demand help when going over an investor or client pitch? An executive to assist you in reviewing your firm’s processes?  References to other professionals as needed? An expert who can point you to the right Enterprise Resource Planning software that your business needs? A sounding board when you are second guessing your product to market plan? We are here to work alongside CEOs of small to mid-sized businesses to help them to compete, solve problems and grow with fast, on-demand, professional and less-expensive, yet excellent, service. 

Working with privately-held manufacturing, distributing and service-based businesses, C-Suite professionals have the depth of experience and network of outside services needed to deliver help to today’s busy CEOs. Our team of experts can assist you with streamlining your workflow and reducing delays with immediate access to a reliable executive-level professional to help with ad-hoc requests and issues. These could encompass anything from staffing needs, valuations, business plans, technology, presentations—you name it. The CEO Hotline is a more cost-effective solution to unplanned tasks or wish-list plans that do not require a full project plan and predetermined time dedication.

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Our Services

Our Consulting as a Service (CaaS) provides packages from 2 to 10+ hours per month to assist entrepreneurs and CEOs who find themselves overwhelmed. Our skilled team can guide you, work for you or refer you to other services for a timely solution.

We Are Ready With:

On-Demand Access

Schedule coordinating time for just this week or even routinely.

Ad Hoc Solutions

No fixed in-place, established project plan required.

We can step in and move your project forward

How it Works

We have a high-level group of C-Suite professionals with open space on their calendars for your needs.  We can also open you to our network of outside resources. You can schedule anywhere from a 30-minute to a 2-hour call to review something that you need to handle ASAP. As a subscriber to our service, we know you and your background, thereby streamlining the conversation. With this immediate access, we can hit the ground running with your current issue and get it addressed quickly.

Our Consulting as a Service (CaaS) goal is to help you on an as-needed, more-immediate basis, not turn your ideas into extended project plans. The work level, expertise, and business deliverables are all the same as our long-term consulting practice at David Advisory Group, the only difference is that The CEO Hotline is dedicated for smaller, quicker, more time-sensitive issues. When you need something tackled immediately—this week, not next month-—we are your consultants. 

Here are some examples of Our Services and client Case Studies (see below):

Case Studies

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A services firm wanted to increase gross sales. After a swift analysis, we recommended an inbound marketing program, analytics, a six-month social media campaign to support lead generation and a logo/website upgrade. The CEO Hotline oversaw in-house procedural changes to handle leads, demos, proposals, and sales.

Services Provided

• Lead generation
• Branding
• New markets
• Value-adds
• Subscriptions
• Service plans
• Vendor relationships
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A CEO of a packaging company came to us with inventory and distribution issues across multiple warehouses. Our analysis uncovered costly bottlenecks eating up profits, which were handled using a Data Analytics program interfaced with the inventory system.

Services Provided

• Filling C-Suite skill gaps
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Documentation
• Streamlining processes
• Data analytics and data mining
• Productivity
• Benefits and salaries
• Outsourcing
• Succession planning
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Executive Representation

A healthcare company was preparing an investor presentation to obtain financing. Questions came up about how best to showcase the company’s accomplishments and future projects. Through a brief discussion, the CEO identified the key elements of the presentation and our experts reviewed subsequent iterations of the presentation.

Services Provided

• Work with insurance, banking, CPA, legal and governmental reps
• Help with audits, ESOPs, valuations and EBITDA
• Work with Boards, investors and venture capitalists
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Profits are dwindling, a software reseller asked for an analysis. We reviewed all expenses and revamped staff responsibilities and updated bill of materials and job costing to reflect proper costs, resulting in an increase of profit on every sale.

Services Provided

• Project management
• Job costing
• Time and billing
• Utilization rates
• Return on investment
• Expense reduction
• Cash flow and budgets
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A wholesale/retail food company used an antiquated computer system for financials and inventory, requiring expensive vendor maintenance and specialized in-house staff. We recommended three top-rated options for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems with Cloud and SaaS options. The return on investment was measurable and highly favorable.

Services Provided

• Software selection and implementation
• Cloud and SaaS systems
• ERP systems including CRM
• Warehousing
• Job costing
• Time and billing
• Websites and ecommerce
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Start Ups

A biotech company entered its new venture in Business Plan and Elevator Pitch competitions, seeking investor funding and grants. Our experienced entrepreneur provided assistance throughout the judging process including financial materials review, edits and filming of pitches.

Services Provided

• Recommendations of Angel Investors
• Accelerators
• Business Plans and Elevator Pitches
• Start-up competitions and screenings

Meet Patricia Sigmon

Our Founder, Patricia Sigmon, has 30+ years experience helping start-ups and mid-sized companies streamline their workflows, hire the right people and pitch to investors effectively. She has a nationwide network of experts who can tackle your biggest executive challenges.

Patricia Sigmon has been at the helm of hotline services for many years. Starting with LPS Consulting Co., Inc., an Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation company, Sigmon was the Founder and CEO for over 30 years, selling the firm in 2016. Serving the automation needs of over 1,000 privately-held businesses, LPS also offered hotline technical support services to all of its clients.

Sigmon also serves as CEO of David Advisory Group, a decade-old long-term and short-term consulting practice. David Advisory Group first formed The CEO Hotline in order to address the time-sensitive needs of their CEO clients and the start-up clients they were mentoring and managing. While working at universities and teaching about Lean Startups and Minimal Viable Products, Sigmon decided to offer The CEO Hotline to non-consulting clients, hoping to help others to meet their goals faster with trimmed-down, quicker, less expensive deliverables.

Besides managing consulting firms, Sigmon has written articles for many major publications including Forbes, BusinessWeek, Crain’s and The Wall Street Journal. Her book, Six Steps To Creating Profit, was published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Sigmon has guest lectured at the University of Notre Dame and currently teaches entrepreneurship classes at both Stevens Institute of Technology and Montclair State University. Besides mentoring new business start-ups, Sigmon is a judge on several university Business Plan and Elevator Pitch competitions. She also participates as an angel investor with Golden Seeds.

Patricia Sigmon



The CEO Hotline’s on-demand, virtual service covers many operational areas of a small to mid-sized privately-held manufacturing, distributing or service-based business. As we tackle your next project, please consider what solution would work best for you. We are prepared to work on projects ourselves or outline the execution plan so you can perform the tasks needed. We can step in and manage your staff as they work on the projects in-house or recommend other professionals for outsourcing. Our goal is to take the projects off of your to-do list and make the work of moving your corporation forward seamless while being less expensive than long-term consulting teams or hiring an in-house C level professional!

We have three virtual plans to choose from:

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