The CEO Hotline’s on-demand, virtual service covers many operational areas of a small to mid-sized privately-held manufacturing, distributing or service-based business. As we tackle your next project, please consider what solution would work best for you. We are prepared to work on projects ourselves or outline the execution plan so you can perform the tasks needed. We can step in and manage your staff as they work on the projects in-house or recommend other professionals for outsourcing. Our goal is to take the projects off of your to-do list and make the work of moving your corporation forward seamless while being less expensive than long-term consulting teams or hiring an in-house C level professional!

Starter Plan (2 Hours per Month)

  • Starter Plan A: 3 Months $780/month
  • Starter Plan B: 6 Months (5% Discount) $740/month
  • Starter Plan C: 12 Months (10% Discount) $702/month

Discovery Plan (5 Hours per Month)

  • Discovery Plan A: 3 Months $1850/month
  • Discovery Plan B: 6 Months (5% Discount) $1755/month
  • Discovery Plan C: 12 Months (10% Discount) $1665/month

Working Plan (10+ Hours per Month)

  • Working Plan A: 3 Months $3510/month
  • Working Plan B: 6 Months (5% Discount) $3334/month
  • Working Plan C: 12 Months (10% Discount) $3150/month

» All Plans can be auto-renewed or pre-paid in full for earlier use.
» Custom plans or one-time blocks of time are available upon request.
» Appointments for 30 minutes – 2 hours can be scheduled.
» Time is used in 15 minute increments.
» All unused monthly time can be carried forward.

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